There is a variety of social media content that can be used across all social platforms such as video, stories, lives, link posts, carousels etc. It can all get a little overwhelming. To break it down a little I have explained the three different types of Facebook posts and how you can use the different types of content within each area.  The three main types of Facebook posts are organic, promoted and dark. Each is used in a slightly different way. Below is a breakdown of each of the different types of posts:

Organic Posts

What are organic posts?

Organic posts are the posts you create on a regular basis the posts that require no spend and will sit on your timeline.

What content works best?

You can use all types of content organically, videos, competition posts, owned or curated posts, informational or posts promoting your product or service. To ensure your organic content is reaching your audience schedule your posts at the optimal time of day (to check this you can use your Facebook Insights page).

Who does it target?

Organic posts will only be seen by the people that follow your page.

Promoted Posts

What are promoted posts?

Promoted posts are posts that sit on your timeline and have ad spend attached to them. Essentially they are organic posts you have boosted. You can do this either from the post or from the Ad Manager (I would recommend using the Ads Manager).

What content works best?

When you create a promoted post ensure the content is something that resonates with the target audience you are going for. A product or service promotion that you would like to promote not only to your audience but to a wider target market would be a great piece of content for a promoted post. Video content is more eye-catching than a static image or a link post with a strong Call to Action (CTA). Leave promoted posts unpromoted for 24 hours to gain organic traffic before adding spend, this will help broaden your audience.

Who does it target?

This option gives you the ability to target a broader audience. Rather than targeting just your followers, you can reach a wider audience that is more targeted to those you would like to interact with. I would use this option to reach a wider audience

Dark Posts

What are dark posts?

Dark posts are sponsored posts that do not sit on your timeline. Unlike sponsored posts, your page audience will not see these posts unless they are within the specific audience you are targeting.

How do they work?

These posts are the best because it means you can test your videos, images and copy to see how it resonates with your audience. You can also create different types of content for each of your customer avatars so you can speak to them directly. This is also a great way of promoting your Facebook page and gaining more targeted followers.

Who do dark posts target?

You can target your audience specifically or broaden it to see who resonates with your content. Use Facebook’s Audience Insights to see the number of people you can reach with your targeting. Hopefully, you will have a couple of strong customer profiles you can use as a reference.

What types of posts do you find work for you? Let me know in the comments below. 

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